Thursday, May 6, 2010

reading BBThumbs.dat thumbnail

Problem: Need a way to select images from the device, but takes forever to generate thumbnail at runtime.

Solution: Read the thumbnail generated by BlackBerry's image browser.

Here are the files of the thumbnails:
for newer OS:
1. file:///SDCard/BlackBerry/system/media/thumbs116x116.dat
2. file:///store/appdata/rim/media/thumbs116x116.dat

or thumbs480x360.dat if you want bigger thumbnails
*** I didn't need to use the .key file, if anyone knows what does the .key file do, would you please let me know?

read the file as EXIFs by stripping the data FFD8XXXX...XXXXFFD9

for older OS:
3. file:///SDCard/BlackBerry/pictures/BBThumbs.dat
4. file:///store/home/user/pictures/BBThumbs.dat

read the file as PNGs by using the code snippet from

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  1. Could you give us an example of code that read a jpeg thumbnail please ?

    thanks !